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ELB Engineering Services (ELB) is pleased to announce that a contract has been entered into between Sappi Saiccor and ELB Engineering Services for the Sappi Saiccor Side Arm Charger Project at Umkomaas, South Coast of KZN, South Africa.

The Sappi Saiccor mill at Umkomaas is planning to increase its overall chemical cellulose production. In preparation for this expansion, the current woodyard is being upgraded in advance.

The woodyard upgrade will include the installation of the new Chipping Line No. 7, a fully automated chip storage, reclaiming and screening facility. The existing Chipping Lines No. 3 and No. 4 will be demolished. These lines processed a large proportion of timber delivered by rail and the upgrade has redesigned the rail siding to primarily offload timber wagons to the new Chipper No. 7 and existing Chipper No. 6. As part of the new rail siding philosophy, the project will utilise Side Arm Chargers for the movement of wagons past the offloading point without the permanent intervention from the rail shunting locomotive.

ELB’s scope of supply for this project includes the design, supply, fabrication, packaging, delivery, installation and training of operations personnel, commissioning and testing of the two new Side Arm Chargers (SAC) System to support the woodyard upgrade project. The design and engineering services will include the design and supply of all mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment/materials, as well as the delivery to site and installation related to the scope of supply that includes 2 Side Arm Chargers.

The Side Arm Charger will travel via a VSD driven motor to allow for accurate forward/reverse positioning, with two ultimate travel limit switches preventing a collision scenario. Lasers mounted along the Side Arm Charger will detect the gap between wagons to accurately engage the coupling and ensure the arm is centred.

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