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ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd (ELB) is pleased to announce a partnership agreement between ELB and NOVATEC New Technologies (NOVATEC), based in Labin, Croatia. NOVATEC is a computer engineering, process automation and system integration company and active in the South African market since 2009.

The new venture NOVATEC SA will combine the innovative engineering solutions that ELB provides with the new technology applications that NOVATEC SA can implement. This provides the market with a unique and cost effective solutions provider for complete engineered plant electrical, instrumentation, automation, monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

NOVATEC SA has the capability and capacity to provide clients with the latest technological solutions through a single interface. We are able to design and commission complete engineered solutions and provide complete engineered or partial system integration solutions in the field of mining and metals processing plants, renewable energy power plants, water projects, food processing industry, oil and gas and others. NOVATEC SA can design and construct complete electrical and instrumentation systems for new or existing plants and in addition to this, the new venture will also be able to retrofit, upgrade and integrate full scale automation packages that includes PLC programming, SCADA interfaces and remote monitoring solutions via the cloud, using any client preferred automation software.

NOVATEC SA synergizes the passion and know-how of the world’s newest technologies whilst harnessing the power of:

  • Green energy
  • Efficient processes and technologies
  • World wide experience in computer, instrumentation and electrical engineering
  • Process automation
  • Systems integration of different processes and systems

NOVATEC SA fulfils all your needs:

  • Design
  • Software and hardware development
  • Programming modern automation devices (PLC, HMI, PCS, DCS, SCADA)
  • Manufacturing and delivery of low and medium voltage cabinets
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Customer training and support

The power of NOVATEC SA lies in its dynamic leadership, infrastructure and knowledge capital developed over many years of experience on the ground. With our assistance you are going to decrease your costs and increase the speed and flexibility of your development.

We are building a strong reputation as a reliable partner with the ability to design, develop and deliver agreed engineering solutions (individual equipment or fully-integrated packages).

NOVATEC SA can provide you with complete solutions for the control and automation of industrial processes. Employees have strong technical and solutions expertise, including automation specialists, electrical supervisors, hydraulic & mechanical supervisors, driver specialists, hardware & software specialists, project managers, software engineers and electrical engineers. NOVATEC SA has been established to focus on the mining and minerals sector, bringing 20 years of experience in industrial automation processes.

ELB is an internationally recognised know how solutions provider to the mining, power, port, construction and industrial sectors. This is achieved through ELB generated innovation, supply of equipment and technology from our world class partners, in-house developed expertise and integration of the services and products from the ELB Group of companies.