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BY: Creamer Media Reporter

ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd (ELB), is proud to announce that it is in the process of upgrading the structure of the portal reclaimer for Petra Diamonds’ Cullinan mine. Having supplied the original machine more than 25 years ago, through the ELB Group, the contract showcases not only the superior quality of the machine but also ELB’s ongoing strong relationship with the client.

Since first diamond production commenced more than 116 years ago, one of South Africa’s oldest operating diamond mines is set to continue producing for at least another 10-years following a major expansion programme. This has seen the company further invest in the upgrade of all supporting equipment infrastructure, including the portal stockpile reclaimer.

“This is an important contract for ELB and is testimony to the excellent structure we delivered 25 years ago that has continued to operate for such a lengthy time,” says senior project manager Marianne Maccelari.

Having replaced two reclaimer booms, complete with new chains and buckets in 2017, ELB is now in the process of realigning the bogies – which is necessitated by so many years of use. “More specifically, the project entails the replacement of both the hinged and fixed side girders which will facilitate realignment of the bogies in relation to the tracks,” Maccelari explains.

With a scheduled shutdown period of between three and four weeks early in the second quarter of 2019, ELB remains on track to complete the project as scheduled.

Maccelari notes that the portal frame will need to be jacked up and secured for the duration of the change out. “We are prepared for this process and don’t anticipate any disruptions as a result of this requirement. We also need to ensure that the girders are perfectly aligned and must meet the timeframe to ensure there are no unplanned disruptions to production.”

With extensive experience in the supply and maintenance of reclaimers, ELB is qualified to deliver on the project seamlessly and looks forward to the successful completion of the contract to ensure Cullinan can continue to operate the reclaimer with the same level performance as it was originally designed for.

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