Life Extension Services, Aftermarket & Spares

ELB Engineering Services offers services to extend the life of any machine make. This service enables businesses to get more out of their machines at a reduced cost to ordering a new unit. The aftermarket and spares support provides a comprehensive maintenance and spare parts service for all ELB equipment, including equipment supplied by its technology partners and equipment obtained from other manufacturers when required.

Life Extension

  • Equipment analysis through to on-site construction, erection, commissioning and project management of refurbished and upgraded equipment.
  • Restoring or upgrading the equipment to more than its original capability.


  • Maintenance contracts,
  • New equipment maintenance plans,
  • Routine servicing and replacement of worn parts,
  • Major on-site overhauls.

Technical Services

  • Technical Inspections,
  • Audits and Assessments of mechanical, structural and electrical components,
  • Stress Measurements and Investigations,
  • Non-Destructive Tests.


Backed by ELB’s extensive in-house engineering capability to recommend spares requirements, the Spares Service covers Africa and abroad, providing critical spares and operational spares for general stockholding by the client.



Conveyor Maintenance

ELB Conveyor Maintenance renders a complete maintenance service from Run of Mine tip to load out station at mines and from tippler to ship loader at port facilities.

By ensuring that conveyor belts are set up, ‘fine-tuned’ and commissioned to operate according to design specifications, this:

  • Reduces the costs associated with conveyor belt operation and maintenance from inaccurate set up,
  • Provides companies with smooth-running bulk materials handling systems.

The service covers the full range of materials handling systems and crushing & screening plants.

Brochure Projects



ELB Construction provides the full suite of construction services for natural resource projects, tailored to the needs of greenfield and brownfield projects, small to major and complex installations.

The service offers:

  • Proven risk and project management tools to minimize the risk of construction projects, even on the most difficult and remote sites,
  • Permanent crew with established links with top quality suppliers,
  • Quality assurance control throughout our own and our sub-contractors’ operations. This includes strict monitoring of the quality of material and equipment provided by our suppliers.

Erection, Refurbishment and Maintenance of Equipment

  • Infrastructure, including steel structures, piping, ducting and vessels,
  • Bulk materials handling systems from handling run-of-mine (ROM) ore at the tip to ship loading, including all conveyor and stockyard equipment, such as stackers, reclaimers and spreaders,
  • Pneumatic conveying systems,
  • Beneficiation plants,
  • Modular process plants,
  • Port terminal refurbishments.

Project Supervision and Site Management

  • Comprehensive services from mobilizing the site through to erection, quality control, safety management, hot and cold commissioning and hand-over.


  • Assistance with the planning and scheduling, before and during an outage,
  • Pre-shutdown systems preparation and safety review,
  • Outage work from one-day machine specific outages to several week plant cold outages,
  • Preventative plant maintenance repair procedures,
  • Emergency response to equipment breakdowns, providing quick mobilization.


Brochure Projects



ELB Engineering Services carries out a range of studies. As the studies are objective, they are useful for attracting support from potential investors and lending institutions.

Depending on the complexity of the project, studies may be divided into:

  • Pre-feasibility studies which cover the project concept and review the technical, legal and economic viability, identifying risks that could have a negative impact on the bottom line,
  • Feasibility studies which provide a detailed appraisal of the selected project, including the selection of best project options and addressing risks that could have a negative impact on the bottom line.

In carrying out feasibility studies, ELB focuses on:

  • Technical Feasibility,
  • Economic Feasibility to assess the viability, cost and benefits of projects before financial resources are allocated,
  • Legal Feasibility of the project which determines whether the proposed project conflicts with legal requirements,
  • Operational Feasibility, to analyze and determine how well a proposed solution solves the problems, and takes advantage of the opportunities,
  • Scheduling Feasibility to estimate how much time the project will take to complete.

ELB’s due diligence studies cover:

  • Financial (Capex and Opex) modelling for early plant designs.
  • Technical evaluation of process and design.