Minerals & Metals

ELB Engineering Services’ comprehensive engineering, project management and consulting services for the minerals and metals industries cover all commodities from diamonds to precious and base metals, coal, uranium, iron ore and industrial minerals, and support the total life cycle of processing operations.

Process engineering expertise and specialist technologies are combined with a project-management capability suited to difficult and remote terrains with minimal infrastructure.

Services for brownfield upgrades and complete, new, process plants range from pre- and feasibility studies and testwork design and management through to design and detail engineering, project and contract management and large and small EPCM and LSTK projects.

The technologies and equipment required are drawn either from the in-house and licensed range or by selecting the most appropriate products from other suppliers.

Depending on the commodity and technology, processing facilities are available either as:

  • Fixed plants,
  • Modular plants,
  • Mobile plants.




ELB Engineering Services combines fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction services and project and construction management with advanced technology to ensure that power generation facilities are cost-efficient and meet or exceed environmental standards.

Small scale power plants are designed to:

  • Be captive plants (i.e. located at the site of use),
  • Enable clients to be self-reliant in light of the ongoing electricity crisis and energy demand,
  • Provide green solutions that optimise efficient power management and power savings.

Three technologies are currently being offered by ELB:

  • Gas CHP (Combined Heating): 100 KW to 9 MW plants,
  • Biomass /WTE (Waste-to-Energy) plants: 5 MW -> 25 MW Elec (Net),
  • Diesel plants.

World class electrical, control and instrumentation (EC&I) contracting services include specialist earthing and lightning protection and electrification systems for mobile equipment.



ELB Engineering Services offers a turnkey solution through our technology partners, in-house competency in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering and partnerships with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) process engineers.

We de-risk projects for our Clients through a single interface point. Markets served range from food and beverages in the FMCG sector to cement, paper and pulp in the industrial market.

Solutions range from receiving the raw material to dispatching of the finished product, including:

  • State-of-the-art bulk materials and fine powder handling technologies, sourced in-house or through our network of global technology providers,
  • Provision of ancillary services such as air pollution control, small scale power plants and water treatment,
  • Partnerships with leading providers of process technology and engineering design for the core processing component of the value chain,
  • In-house construction and EI&C solutions.

ELB’s approach to FMCG projects focuses on:

  • Lean engineering, designing systems and layouts that optimize the man/material/logistics interface through in-depth work studies at all stages of the process value chain,
  • Maximised energy efficiency for environmentally-friendly FMCG plants that ensure the best return on investment,
  • Aligning all services along the process chain of the core process